These 10 Foods Can Just Swing You Into A Romantic Mood! Check These Out


When you and your partner live a life together, sometimes there might be days when you don’t feel like rolling into bed with him/her. Your partner stops turning you on! But that’s not his/her fault. It might be the day-to-day stress that takes away all the spark of a relationship. However, there are ways to fix your problem. And do you know just including a few foods in your diet can turn your romantic side up? Yes, check out these foods that can spark your love-life!

Bananas Can Give You Awesome Time On Bed:

Well, it’s not about going solo in bed. This fruit surely stirs up our dirty mind but it also has a lot of Bromelain, an enzyme that can fuel the testosterone in men for an amazing sex. The vitamin B present in banana also energizes the body to perform better in bed.

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Chili Pepper For A Hot Session:

Chili pepper has a lot of Capsaicin in it which is said to be responsible for sexual arousal. It can also increase endorphin production which makes you feel happy, sweaty and a bit turned on. So, stimulate your love hormones and bring back the spark in your relationship.

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Avocado Can Just Give You The Right Energy:

Avocado, since the ancient times, has been considered as an aphrodisiac fruit. Whether its shape or its flavor, it is not known which of his fruits features drove the Aztec people to believe in its aphrodisiac quality. But recent studies say, that the large amount of Vitamin E in this fruit can give you the right energy to get playfully romantic.

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Dark Chocolate And The Feel Good Factor:

You feel good every time you munch on a chocolate, don’t you? The aroma and the taste of dark chocolate has a huge effect on our happy hormones. So, before you engage in some romance, have some chocolate and see how the pleasure increases.

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Honey And Honeymoon:

Well, honey has a deep relation with romanticism. Earlier, the newlyweds used to carry mead, an alcoholic drink made with honey. It contains boron which is said to regulate the sex hormones in men and women. Honey is also a symbol of reproduction.

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A Cup Of Coffee Can Put You Into THAT Mood:

Coffee is a stimulant. It can keep you awake when you are sleepy. It can also give you the energy to go into a lovey-dovey mood. A study suggests that coffee can increase heart rate and blood flow. Women might also feel sexually aroused after having a cup of this sinful delight.

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Figs Can Get You Turned On:

Figs, due to its potassium and anti-oxidants, can be a great food when you are lacking your sex drive. Don’t worry! Adam and Eve also used this fruit to keep the pleasure alive between them.

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Olive Oil Can Bring Back The Charm:

Olives are the storehouse of antioxidants and so are the oil extracted from them. Ancient Greeks used to believe that, these green fruits made men more masculine and hence more attractive to women. Beverly Whipple, from world Association of Sexology says, Olives can keep the heart healthy as well as regulate the hormones which might result in a heightened pleasure in bed.

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Watermelon May Juice Up Your Erotic Pleasure:

Researchers say that the huge amount of Lycopene, present in Watermelon, has an effect similar to Viagra. Therefore, you can understand how watermelon can help you reach your climax.

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Oysters And Sex Hormones:

Oysters are stored with Zinc and hence is good for fertility. Recent studies have found that the amino acids in Oysters can really help in production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

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