10 Signs You Are Single And You Are Absolutely Loving Your Relationship Status!


Being with a partner has become almost a norm and our minds are conditioned to search for a suitable mate. But some people just don’t fit into this queue as they are happy being single. They simply love their own company. They don’t crave for a partner. Well, they may have a lot of friends, but not necessarily a special one to shower them with attention.

Are you one of them? Here are 10 signs you are single and not ready to mingle!

  1. You Are Always Ready To Explore Whatever Is New

Well, it means you are an adventure lover and to you, being single is like being free. You love learning new things, going out of your comfort zone. You travel a lot and make new friends which would not have been possible if you were engaged with someone.


  1. You treat yourself well, I mean, very well

In short, you just love yourself! Treating yourself well means you are not always critical of yourself. You love to pamper yourself with good food, clothes and love to spend time with yourself. Do you feel great when you get to spend some time alone? If your answer is yes, then you are ready to be single.


  1. You have many friends and you value relationships

Yes, you understand the importance of relationships and family. You have ample time to spend with your friends and family members. They love to share their problems with you as you listen to them wholeheartedly. You have no one else to attend to.


  1. You have learned to rely on yourself

When you have a relationship, you spend most of your time with your partner. But when you are alone, you grow more self-confident and learn to rely on yourself. You do your own laundry, cook your own food and wash the dishes and also do the grocery shopping for yourself. So, when you do all the jobs by yourself, you simply become independent.

  1. Your decision is all yours:

Yes, this is another thing you love about being single. Your decision doesn’t depend on anyone else’s opinion. You take your own decision and whether it is right or wrong, you have none to blame. At least, better than being we0ak and blaming someone throughout life for not trying something out.

  1. Your happiness is your own creation

And you don’t owe anything to anyone for it! Yes, you are free to feel the way you want. You are only dependent on yourself for happiness. No one is going to affect your mood or take their anger out on you.

Portrait of confident woman with digital tablet in cafe
Portrait of confident woman with digital tablet in cafe
  1. You aren’t on your phone all the time

You don’t need to update anyone about what you are up to, neither do you need to ask someone about them every hour. So, you just don’t need to be on phone all the time.

  1. Party All night and no worries

No one is waiting for you back home. So you are free to party to your heart’s content. Isn’t that a reason you just love your kickass single-hood?

  1. Love is not confined to one person

This is probably the best thing about being single. Your love is more expanded. It does not focus on a single person. Your life doesn’t revolve around one man or woman. You love and care about everyone close to your heart and reach out to them whenever possible.


  1. No insecurities:

Relationships come with their share of insecurities. You start comparing yourself with the other people of your gender in your partner’s life. Whether it is a colleague, a classmate or a secretary, you are bound to feel a little insecure. But being single is like not caring about any particular person and their likes or dislikes.