10 Things No One Has Ever Told You About Game Of Thrones!

  1. Game Of Thrones Is Banned In Turkish Military Schools:

Yes, it is reported in November 2014, that Game of Thrones and some other TV programs have been banned in the Turkish Army Schools because of the sexual contents and violence that’s shown in them. It is not the only case. In Istanbul, the army officer was expelled as he allowed his cadets to watch this show in 2012.

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  1. Here’s The Truth about the Khaleesi Eating the Horse’s Heart:

As Emilia Clarke stated, in the scene where she had to eat the horse’s heart was something like a gummy bear candy. Although she was promised she would be given a gummy bear but it was a mixture of different colours and bleach which turned out to be disgusting in taste.

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  1. Did You Know who’s Viserys Targaryen?

The brother of Khaleesi and the Prince of the House Targaryen, Viserys was seen in the first season of Game of Thrones. This character was played by Harry Lloyd who is known be a descendant of the legendary novelist Charles Dickens. He definitely doesn’t need more introduction. Does he?

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  1. The Houses Of Game of Thrones Have Become “Brandnames”:

How about Targaryen as an airline company and Lannisters who pay off the debts might be a perfect name for an investment company? Isn’t that funny? Well there’s more. To know, check out this video made by Shutterstock.

  1. The Dire Wolves Have Actually Died 10,000 Years Ago:

Dire Wolf is an extinct species and for Game of Thrones, the American Alsatian Breeders had undertaken the project and succeeded to breed dire-wolf like Alsatians that have been used in the show. The best thing is you can also buy them and have as a pet. Northern Inuit Dogs have also been used as the Stark Wolves.

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  1. The Red Wedding Was Not Written As It Was Shown:

As the author George R.R. Martin has told, the gory Red Wedding scene was very tough chapter to write down. Because he was attached to the characters, it was hard for him to give them such a bloody ending. But when the directors read about this, they declared this was the scene for which they have agreed to turn it into a TV Show. Although the scene majorly differs from the story. In the story, Robb’s wife was neither pregnant nor present in the wedding.

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  1. Dire Wolf Lady Is Adopted By Sophie Turner:

It is known from a blog of the author Martin that, after the execution of Dire Wolf Lady, Sophie Turner who is seen as Sansa Stark has actually adopted the Northern Inuit Dog and named it Zunni. She said that she always wanted a dog since childhood and she somehow fell in love with the dire wolf Lady.

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  1. The Name Khaleesi Has Become Extremely Popular:

The name of “Mother of Dragons” has become as popular as the character itself. An estimate in US has shown that almost more than 160 baby girls have been named as Khaleesi in 2012.

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  1. Jack Gleeson “Joffrey” Will Retire From Acting After GoT Ends:

Jack Gleeson, who perfectly plays the character of evil king Joffrey, has decided to give up acting as he longer enjoys it as much as he did earlier. He has other plans for his life and wants to get involved in some humanitarian works. He has recently been to Haiti and helped the poor. He will continue with his own theatre group in Dublin known as Collapsing Horse Theatre Company.

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  1. Emilia Clarke Will Never Go Topless In The Show:

Yes and she is the only actress who has this contract signed which says that Emilia will not be seen topless in any scene of Game of Thrones.

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