It is natural to feel low when the person you love is sad and not communicating his/her feelings with you. We tend to become sad along with our loved ones. But that is not the solution! When one feels low, the other has to stay strong enough to hold him up, isn’t it? Sometimes we can’t find the right words to comfort our loved ones when they are sad or depressed. Here are 11 things that you must say to that beloved person when he or she feels the pang.

  1. Say, “I Am Here For You”:

Because it will assure them of your company that they need. Although, repeating the sentence might annoy them, rather you might start spending more time with them so that they can share their feelings when they absolutely feel like talking.

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  1. Saying “Tell Me How You Are Feeling” Can Give Them Some Faith:

Until they know you are there to listen to them, they will not be comfortable enough to express how they feel. This is why you must ask them to give out their painful thoughts that make them feel miserable. Not that they will speak up right at that moment but your words will make an impact upon them which will work later.

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  1. Try To Gain Their Trust, Laugh About The Fun Moments You Spent Together:

When this person was happy, you have certainly spent a lot of time together, and we bet, most of them were full of love and amusement. Now, it is time for you remind them of those beautiful moments you spent with each other. It will make them more positive towards life and will help them see what they have, rather than what they don’t.

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  1. “This Too Shall Pass” Is Something They Must Be Reminded Of:

Time goes on and neither sadness nor happiness is going to last forever. It is said that time heals all wounds. So, remind your loved one of the fact that whatever or however they are feeling right now will be over soon. Give them hope to look beyond the problems and see the silver lining in the clouded sky.

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  1. “Take your time, there is no rush”:

Yes, you have to be patient. Because when depression hits a person, he or she becomes totally withdrawn and doesn’t feel like sharing his or her feelings immediately. But constant care and love can make them open their mouth slowly. So, let them know that you are patiently waiting for them to share their feelings with you.

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  1. If nothing helps, seek professional help:

Get one thing cleared, depression and sadness are two completely different things. Sadness is temporary and mostly situational and depression might last forever and solely clinical. Therefore, if you can see your friend or beloved is sad for more than two weeks, then you must not take it lightly. Seek professional help as they might also need therapy or medication.

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  1. “No One Blames you for what you feel”

Sometimes, people with depression might feel socially awkward. Well, it’s not their fault. Make them feel that they are absolutely fine and no one is blaming them for how they feel. The more they feel the warmth around them, the better they will be able to communicate.

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  1. Request Them To Get A Little Exercise:

We all know how a little movement can bring a huge difference in our mental condition. Yes, whether it is Yoga, Pilates or just a walk in nature, they must be encouraged to workout which will clear their mind of the clutters.

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  1. Try To Be With Them Possibly Everywhere, Even When They’re Grocery Shopping:

Yes, it is necessary for you to be with them. Period! Whether it is grocery shopping or a walk in the park, be with them as much as you can. Loneliness can aggravate depression. So, never give them the chance to feel lonely, until they ask you for some time alone.

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  1. Share Your Own Feelings With Them:

Yes, only asking them to share will not work for some people. They will start building trust only when they will find themselves helpful. Make them feel worthy by sharing your own feelings with them. Show them how they matter in your life.

  1. Sometimes Silence Can Be The Best Tool:

It’s not always words that help. Just listening to them with patience will also make a lot of difference. Try this out.

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