After 2012, There Are Now Two More Dates Of Apocalypse Coming Next Year – According To Bible!


There have been so many movies on Apocalypse and we have undoubtedly imagined to the extreme how the end of the world might be like. In 2012, we were prepared for the doomsday but it gave us some more time to rectify ourselves. But, we didn’t. So, the devout Christians are now saying that the world will come to an end in the next year.


Reverend Donna Larson has made some calculations and claims that the apocalypse will soon be there in the next year.

According to her theory, Bible says that man will reign the earth for 6000 years and after that mankind will face the wrath of God. As Larson has put it, Adam was created in 3,983 BC and in 2017, man will complete the 6000th year on earth which will also bring the apocalypse – states a report in Daily Star.

Larson told,

“All these numbers have Biblical significance – 50 is the number of unification between Passover and Pentecost and 70 is the number of fulfilment according to the book of Daniel, Chapter 9. So 50 and 70 represent the beginning and the end”.


Michael Parker, the owner of a Christian blog site called End of Time Prophecies has also supported Larson’s theory. Parker explained,

 “Scripture tells us that when a nation involved and its leaders involved attempt to divide the land of Israel, God will come to that nation and divide the land as judgment for doing so.

There is a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, that makes its path diagonally across the US – essentially cutting it in half.

Another prophecy is fulfilled on September 23, 2017, when an alignment of planets and stars fulfil Revelation, Chapter 12.”

So, let’s just get ready for two days of pain and suffering.

Robert Binnion, Another owner of a Christian website Nice Timing, also used some calculations and reached the same conclusion as the Reverend Larson. Well, here is to remember that he runs a Christian website and hence, made the calculations from the same source as Larson.


On the other hand, a Christian group named Unsealed are of the opinion that the world will officially come to an end in the autumn of 2024. However, the ending will start from the next year and then the process will continue for seven more years.

Only some magic can save us now!