This 26 Year Old Girl Is So Beautiful, That She Is Not Allowed To Go Outside!


There is no definition of attractiveness, too accurate and every girl is amazing in herself it is! But we may’t blow off the fact that is crucial that outside that is good looks naturally capture the focus of people.

And who doesn’t want to look fairly? Do you know any girl who says that she hates to look stunning and appealing? But now we make you acquaint with a girl for whom her beauty became a huge problem. The truth is, this girl is so striking even on dates, she is accompanied by her mom and that she’s prohibited to move outside home.

We are speaking about Russia’s 26-yr Angelica Kenova who is a model by profession and continues to be brought up like a living doll.

In the words of Moscow’s Angelica, “Growing up, my parents raised me like a princess and never allow me to have the regular adult go out, date boys & encounters.”

“Therefore, I am not fit for real life – I’m like a living doll,” she said.

According to the model, diet and her exercise routine are handled by her parents and the tight schedule helps in keeping her doll-like body.

She’s never gone through any cosmetic or plastic surgery to get this body form and entire credit for it goes to eating regimen in addition to workout routines for 3 hours 5 times weekly, she asserts.

“I Have never had plastic surgery” Angelica said.

She’s been dressing up as a Barbie ever since youth.

“Once I turned six, my mother started buying me collectable Barbie dolls and enthusiastically dressing me up like one,” said the model.

After that, she was decided for imitating a Barbie and become a real life, well-being & human doll for her parents.

Even more surprisingly, she can’t wear garments of her mom and her choice chooses what she will put on, picking out what’ll look the best on her extreme Barbie-like percentages. 

“I’ m not even permitted to buy garments without my mother there – highlight my great attributes and she likes to pick dress that clings to my body.”