5 Most Harmonizing Cartoon Series Of Our Childhood


When we are under the age of 12, we don’t realize the working or competitive environment of the outside world until we grow old and step out to understand the differences between facts and fictions. Imagination is rather seems more a life changing concept for new creations, requires for the financial growth and reputation building under the terms of fresh ideas, what once was just a source of happiness for children. From the foolish thoughts to the systematically arranged stories, secret labs to teenage super girls, from samurai swords to the alien bracelet, groups of intimidating bullies to the little angels, all of them have embraced our childhood with laughing boosters, thundering episodes and unpredictable dialogue deliveries. Here are a few cartoon characters and Tv shows which can’t get disappeared from our lives, no matter how old we are. 

#1 Dexter’s laboratory: An unpredictably small, but genius kid, who have a secret science lab, more fascinating and advanced than real life super tech laboratories. He saved innocent peoples and helped others on multiple occasion with his dazzling inventions, defeated his brilliant nemesis “Mandark” in science contests and saved the world from his dark intentions, but can’t stop his sister “Dee Dee” to ruin his inventions and destroy his lab for no good reason. Obviously, his parents have no idea about his secrets. 

#2 Powerpuff Girls: Unexpectedly formed 3 cute girls during an experiment carried out by their Father cum Guardian, Professor Utonium. These girls possess identical powers of Superman with super strength, eye lasers, high speed flying and many more, to save Townsville from invasion of monsters and evildoers like Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkin, the Gang Green Gang and Him. Blossom is the self-proclaimed leader of the squad, Bubbles is the cute and shy one and Buttercup is the war angel and toughest fighter of the trio. 

#3 Ed, Edd n Eddy: Like any other teenage boy, they unexpectedly become the victim of their own imaginations in order to drag the attention of girls and other groups through their immature acts. They are as naive about girls as everything else. Eddy may not be the mind of the gang, but he is the man with a plan, always scheming and dragging his friends along. Ed, Edd n Eddy, the headache of others, sometimes get extremely humiliated by their self-proclaimed ugly girlfriends “the Kanker sisters”. 

#4 Johny Bravo: A handsome young man always trying his luck at beautiful girls. His always brush his hairs to be in his handsome looking state, so that any chance to lay his hands on girls can’t get slipped away and wears tight black T-shirt and blue trouser with Black goggles, always showing off with Karate moves to impress girls. He has unfailing confidence over his charms and looks and he’s certain that all girls adore him. 

#5 Courage the Cowardly Dog: Courage is a nervous pink dog with flurry behavior and psychological problem. He lives in a Bagge Farmhouse at “nowhere city” filled with mystical challenges and enemies, along with his masters, Eustice and Muriel. Courage must conquer his fear to save his masters from unexpected dangers, ghosts and adversaries with psychotic abilities. At the shortage of ideas, he seeks aid from his computer and finds out solutions to beat his enemies. Must have been the smartest computer of all time. Although Muriel adores him and Eustace loves to scare him and make jokes on him, Eustace always gets hammered by Muriel, when he does that.