7 Year Old Youngest Medical Marvel Is Now Aiming To seek Steadfast Therapy To cure The Cancer Disease


As history have acknowledged us about the birth of surgical operations begun in India by Sushruta in late 600 B.C. and if we say that it is now resurrected as the youngest Indian surgeon recently, then it wouldn’t be a lie. Surgery is a task of unparalleled precision and dedication which require years of experience and prominent skills to understand the basic structure of the human body. When someone had a surgery, it includes lengths of preparations to perform. Before the beginning of surgical procedures, the bodily functions are systematically measured and supported by means which are already prepared and when its over the supported instruments are disengaged precisely in a specific sequence to avoid unexpected problems and complications. Also needs to have detailed knowledge of anesthesia doses, according to the shape, size and gender of the patient. So basically, Surgerical operations  aren’t allowed for pre-mature individuals to take part in, but still we have world’s youngest surgeon in Himachal Pradesh with the age of 7.

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Akrit Jaiswal was announced as the youngest surgeon after performing his first surgical operation on 19th November 2000 at the age of 7. He was a brilliant kid of Nurrpur, Himachal Pradesh with inexorable curiosity to understand the bodily structure of humans. He developed a zeal for science and anatomy at an early age and later his enthusiasm got noticed by local physicians and they allowed him to observe surgeries at the age of 7.

Akrit belongs to an under developed family and unable to pay for training expenses, even don’t possess sufficient wealth to their own regular health care. His family saw it as a chance to treat his sister and asked if he would operate on her, who was badly burned as a toddler with fused fingers and curled into a knotted ball. Akrit successfully separated her fingers after a surgery, which was absolutely unaffordable for her family.

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Akrit got perceived by World medical marvels for his devotion to find a cure for incurable cancer disease. The “Firecracker Films” investigated his story and observed an innovative topic to convert his legendary life into a film. Later they asked to come to London and there he met World Leading Medical Researchers. This boy is undoubtedly an outstanding Medical miracle and graduated in Bioengineering from IIT Kanpur at the age of 23, who is now concentrating on finding a cure for cancer.          

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