8 Tips For Working Women To Look And Feel Stylish This Monsoon!


If you go out every day, then you know how tough monsoon can be at times. Muddy roads, cloudy sky and the drizzle, all make it quite annoying for the working ladies. Moreover, if they prefer to wear Indian outfits, which most married women do, just adds to the annoyance.

While you take care of your umbrella, your dupatta might just roll on the floor. On the other hand, to hold up the Patiala, you just tilt your umbrella and get drenched. Well, that’s a common story. However, you can make it simple yet look gorgeous. Here are few tips for you!

  1. Avoid Long and Loose Dresses:

Long and loose outfits are undoubtedly feminine but it might be very uncomfortable in monsoon. Long skirts, Patialas and trousers must be avoided on those rainy days. Rather, you can go for the tight leggings and Churidars with not-so-long kurtis that will also give you a fresh look. Avoid fabrics colours that might drip down when the fabric is wet.

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  1. Dupatta Is Not So Good:

Yes, using a dupatta during monsoon is not a great idea as it is not so easy to manage. Rather, when you are wearing kurti with leggings, you can easily replace your dupatta with a matching scarf. It will look stylish and at the same time give the feel of a dupatta.

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  1. Choose Footwear Wisely:

Wearing the right footwear during monsoon will make it easy for you to walk on the slippery and wet streets. You must avoid wearing leather shoes or sandals. Flats, flip flops, floaters – these are the best options for ladies who want to look stylish and the same time feel the comfort under their feet.

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  1. Jackets, Shrugs or light coats:

You can also team up your clothes with nice jackets or shrugs that will also provide comfort from the cold wind of monsoon. You can also buy jackets online that will save you both time and money.

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  1. Do A Neat Hair-Do:

As hair remains frizzy during monsoon due to the moisture in the air, you shouldn’t leave it open. Open hair will become more knotty and hard to disentangle. So, opt for neat bun or top knot. You can also braid your hair and put hair accessories, if your office allow you to flaunt a funky look.

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  1. Put Little MakeUp On:

Wet weather is not suitable for putting on too much make as it might spoil your entire look if you get drenched. So, use waterproof eye makeup like Kajal, Mascara and a little waterproof foundation or BB cream can do wonder.

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  1. Carry Colourful Umbrella:

Well, you might not carry it inside your office, but carrying a colourful umbrella might enhance your brightness quotient. Try to match the colour of your umbrella with your clothes.

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  1. Keep The Denims For The Sunny Days:

Denims can be too annoying when these get wet. It doesn’t get dry easily and can also feet heavy. So, better keep them aside for the sunny days.

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