9 Superstitions Related To Death That You Can’t Ignore!


Death sends a human spirit into an unknown realm. When we do not know something, we simply grow superstitious. Death is so inevitable yet so unknown to the human race. Hence, it has given birth to myths and weird superstitions. Not only are we unacquainted with the aftermath of one’s death, but also afraid of losing our own lives. Check out some of the weirdest superstitions related to death that might raise your hair.

  1. Birds And Superstition Related To Death:

According to the ancient beliefs, birds have some relation with death. It is believed that if someone hears the first sound of a cuckoo lying on his bed, then his end is close. But if that person survives, one of her relatives will die soon. If a bird enters a house or regularly appear at the window, it might also mean death. Black birds like crows, ravens, and night birds are also held as a sign of death.

image source: impressivemagazine
image source: impressivemagazine
  1. Passing By The Graveyard:

When you cross a graveyard, just hold your breath. Yes, if you breathe in, a spirit might enter your body and force you to share your body. It is believed that after death the spirits hang around the place where they have been buried. And the spirits also search for a body. This belief is even more stringent for the pregnant women. They are advised to whistle while they pass through a graveyard.


  1. Pregnant Women Should Not Be Present At Funerals:

It is said that pregnant women should avoid funerals. People believe that if would-be-mothers become too overwhelmed at a funeral, they might face a miscarriage.


  1. Dogs Barking Or Crying:

People in the east strongly believe that dogs barking at night is related to death of someone. Especially if dogs bark in front of a house, people become afraid thinking that someone might die in that house very soon. Dogs are believed to the carrier of death.


  1. Thunder Rolls:

If you hear the sound of a thunder during or immediately after the funeral, then the demised is accepted in heaven. But if the thunder rolls, then it is something to worry about. Because the spirit of the demised is not going to a good place.


  1. Corpse Feet Pointing East:

Christian people are quite superstitious about the position of the corpse under the burial ground. According to them, if the feet of the corpse point towards the east, it is a good sign. It helps the demised to climb towards the Judgment Day. On the other hand, the southern part of the burial ground is believed to be lucky for the demised while the north part is reserved for those who had unnatural death.

  1. Flower For The Dead:

Bringing flower for the dead is really an eternal rule. But we still don’t know the actual reason behind it. Hundreds of years ago, flowers were brought to the corpse to prevent the foul smell from spreading. But now it has become a norm. Many believe that putting flower rings on the grave will keep a soul under the ground and they will not keep wondering among the living world.


  1. 13 At The Dinner Table:

It is a very common superstition that if there are 13 people at the dinner table, whoever will first get up will die early. This is why President Roosevelt always took his secretary with him to dinner parties whenever he came to know that there would be 13 people sitting together at the dinner table.


  1. The Number Three:

Last but not the least, the rule of three in a photograph is simply weird. It says that if three people are being photographed, the one in the middle will die earlier than the two. So, always find a fourth person to fill in.