Baby Born In Flight Made History – Got Free Flight For Entire Life!


A baby took birth on a Cebu Pacific flight that was on its way to Philippines. The flight took off from Dubai and in the mid-way, it had to make an emergency landing due to the birth of a baby.


The mother of the baby girl was expecting her delivery in October but gave an unexpected birth to the baby while she was almost 30,000 feet above the earth. This is the first time a baby has been born in a Cebu Pacific flight and as a birthday present, she got free flights for her lifetime from Cebu.


The baby named Haven is born on Sunday, five weeks before its due date. Missy Berberabe Umandal, an eyewitness posted what she had seen in details on Facebook.

According to her, “”The lady started having contractions mid-flight, about five hours while going from Dubai to the Philippines. She was set to give birth in October, so this came as a surprise, even to her mother”.

“We only heard one semi-loud screech, and a few seconds later, there were tinier, cute screeches, and it was when we knew the baby was born” – wrote Umandal, a fellow passenger.


Not only that, the flight attendants found two nurses among the passengers who helped in the delivery of the baby. The flight was diverted to land on Hyderabad but the passengers were fine with it. They didn’t bother about the delay. For them it was something rare, only seen in the movies and so passengers had no issues with it.

Missy Berberabe Umandal also wrote on her Facebook post, “There were two other babies with us in the front row, and one of the passengers had a suitcase full of infant clothes and necessities, which could not have come at a better time.”

After the delivery was done, the flight attendants cleaned the baby with mineral water. The flight was delayed almost 18 hours due to this incident. But passengers were OK with the decision. One of them also said, “Everyone in that plane was blessed.”

The head of the Cabin Crew members, Mark Martin expressed his joy and said, “To baby Haven, You are God’s miracle at 36,000ft and we’re blessed to have been an instrument in your safe delivery. You will always be my most memorable passenger.”

The woman was traveling with her mother and now she’s under medical supervision with her newborn in Hyderabad.

Cebu Pacific team members have also celebrated the birth of Haven:

“To celebrate this momentous occasion in the life of one of our passengers, CEB awards Baby Haven one million GetGo points, which she can use to fly with us for free.” – declared the president and CEO of the airline, Lance Gokongwei.