Beware! Posting Photos Of Your New-Born Might Depress You

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Yes, you’ve just heard it right. You might find yourself unstoppable when it comes to posting the cutest photos of your new-born, but be careful! It might be an invitation to depression.

You certainly want to show how happy you are and how beautiful your child is, but your emotions are as delicate as your baby is. So, protect it from the harsh comments of those who might not feel the same way as you do.

A new study has found that posting photos of your baby can be alarming as it might make you depressed when those shared images will not get the “likes” and comments you have expected to receive on Facebook.

Can “Like” And Comment Of Other People Really Validate Your Motherhood?

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It is you who is doing the balancing act. So, no one else can understand your plight better than you. If you measure the worth of all your efforts with how people find your Motherhood photos “like-able” then you might fall prey to some mental disorders.

The study has been conducted in New York and specifically addresses to the highly educated working mothers who are engaged in full-time jobs. Strangely enough, these well-educated new moms are seeking validation in “likes” and comments of other people as life seems too busy for them and they feel they might fail to meet others’ expectations. According to the study, these educated moms are expected to be perfect by the society and if their infant’s photo does not receive enough likes and positive comments, it might lead these moms to feel low and anxious and doubt their own capability.

Have You Measured Your Facebook Activity After Becoming A Mother?

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We see dozens of photos of infants while scrolling the Newsfeed Page and surely, the mothers post them with a lot of affection and the hope that people will adore them. You certainly feel awesome when someone calls your baby “cute” but when the opposite happens, the result is even worse.

The study showed that almost 98 percent of women posted photos of their new-born within the nine months from the birth of their babies. Not just posting photos, these new moms pay minute attention to the comments and also react to them accordingly. As Professor Schoppe Sullivan of Ohio State University has pointed out, these moms are not the mere housewives, they are highly educated women and hence feel the need to prove themselves perfect in every arena of life.

But the truth is harsh, anyway! Not everybody feels the joy of motherhood as strongly as you do. That’s why; expecting others to adore your baby’s pic might be detrimental.

So, it is better to capture the awesome moments of your baby to fill up your personal photo album and keep it safe for future. Go on clicking!