Body Shaming Didn’t Spare Even The Olympic Participants – This Gymnast Was Body-Shamed On Social Media!


When one cannot find anything to hurt someone, they resort to body-shaming. It is probably the worst kind of insult one can inflict on another.

Alexa 1

You will feel sick to know that gymnast Alexa Moreno, who has given a wonderful performance in Rio Olympics 2016, has been body shamed on social media.

alexa 2

The brutality of trolls reached its extreme when people started calling her “pig” on social media right after her performance on Sunday.

The 22-year-old Alexa Moreno participated in artistic gymnastics and was competing for her native Mexico. She has also superbly finished uneven bars, floor exercises, beams and vault and eventually finished in 31st place.

alexa 3

She might not have been the best, but how many women even dare to participate from Mexico? She is undoubtedly a strong woman to make it to the Olympics but unfortunately she fell prey to the trolls of social media.

alexa 4

One user tweeted the images of Peppa Pig and captioned these pictures as “Exclusive images of Alexa Moreno following her gymnastics routine.” But that user also deleted these tweets fearing it will be a big issue.

Alexa 5

Another user has posted a fictional quote that says how that person wishes to win a hot dog eating contest to Alexa.

Alexa 7

His account has been deleted as there was a huge backlash from the brave defenders of Moreno.

One more dolt wrote, “Alexa Moreno has the body of two gymnasts together, a diet before going to the Olympics would have been nice.”

It is to say to those sick minds that Alexa weighs 45kg which is very low for her 4 feet 11-inch height.

So, just stop putting your crappy thoughts into shitty words.