Bullet Baba’s Miracles Will Just Make You Question Your Logical Mind – Read This!


In this age, when “Baba”s are quite common, we can imagine a man draped in orange clothes or complete white preaching a group of people. These spiritual gurus are also respected by a lot of people. But this much is comprehensible! But can you imagine a motorcycle being revered as a Baba? Yes, you read it right.

True that Hindus believe that God is there in everything but believing a 350cc Bullet motorcycle as a revered being is unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, this is what is happening in Ropar, Rajasthan. People come to see this Motorcycle also known as “Bullet Baba” from different regions of Rajasthan.


The Story Behind “Bullet Baba”:

The story of “Bullet Baba” started since 1998. Om Singh Rathore, a son of a local leader met an accident and died at this spot. His bike, the Bullet motorcycle was discovered from a ditch and was kept at the police station. But quite mysteriously, the bike went back to the place where the accident occurred.


People Believe The Bike Is A Saviour – Hence, God:

Since this incident, people believe that Om Rathore’s spirit resides in the motorcycle. They believe that deceased Om Banna still rides the bike and helps people who are in trouble. A man also claimed that Om Banna had saved him when his biked skidded and fell into the ditch.

Now people have built a temple of the “Bullet Baba” which has a picture of Om Banna and the motorcycle itself. They sprinkle alcohol on the bike to show reverence to the spirit of Om Banna and his Bullet motorcycle.


Not just as the pilgrimage, the place has become a popular tourist destination and hundreds of people come here to witness it.

So, what do you think? You can also make a visit to Ropar to check out what’s happening. “Bullet Baba” might also bless you!