CCTV Cameras Have Captured This Spooky Girl When The Car Went Through Her!


It was a normal night and cars were passing on the road like they always. But suddenly a spooky girl was caught on the CCTV camera and the car went just through her. Eerie, isn’t it? Well, absolutely!

People are going crazy over the video which has now been posted on YouTube and has also got thousands of views.


The images captured by the CCTV camera shows a spectre emerging on the zebra crossing and isn’t moved or destroyed by the cars. It was clear that the drivers couldn’t see the ghost and hence, drives through it.

It was noticed at Paseo De La Reforma located in Mexico City. It was 2:20 AM when this incident occurred.

Image Source: Mirror
Image Source: Mirror

Strangely enough, this image is caught only by one camera, although there were several other CCTV.

However, like all other spooky incidents, this one has also been looked upon as a hoax. Skeptics have said that it was fake and someone is just trying to play a prank.

Image Source: Mirror
Image Source: Mirror

But there were believers too. Some said, no one noticed the spirit as it belongs to another dimension.