Cheer Up Coffee Lovers! Coffee Isn’t Carcinogenic, Drinking It Too Hot Is!!


You definitely enjoy your morning cuppa, don’t you? Taking a long sip of hot coffee helps you shake off the morning drowsiness and start the day. And here is something to celebrate also as World Health Organization has finally declared that coffee has no probable link to cancer.

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Rather, International Agency for Research on Cancer is saying that drinking too hot beverages might cause cancer although it has not yet been proved. In countries like China, Iran, India and countries in South America, hot beverages like herbal infusion teas are served at very hot temperatures which has a negative impact on health. Drinks that are served in cafes of North America are not as hot as those herbal teas.

Experts have noticed that in these countries where very hot drinks are served, there is a higher rate of esophageal cancer. Drinking hot beverages at 60 degree Celsius might burn the skin and can lead to carcinoma.

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However, there are other myths too about coffee which have been debunked. Check these out.

#1 Coffee Causes Insomnia:

Nope, if you take it at a proper time, then it will never come between you and your sleep. Your post-lunch coffee will get absorbed by the time you will go to sleep. It doesn’t take more than 3-4 hours for the body to digest and absorb coffee.

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#2 Coffee Isn’t Good For Pregnant Women:

There is a myth that coffee might cause miscarriage which is not completely true. Drinking less than 200mg coffee will not cause any harm to the baby or the would-be mother. But too much caffeine is not advised either!

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#3 Dehydration? Don’t Blame Coffee for That!

Moderate amount of coffee does not cause dehydration. As the myth goes, if you drink too much coffee you might feel dry. But experts didn’t find any link between drinking coffee and dehydration.

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So, folks, coffee is safe! Excess of nothing is good and same goes for coffee. So drink moderately and enjoy the goodness of coffee.