Coach Gopichand Finally Allowed PV Sindhu To Use Her Phone And Eat Ice-Cream!


When it comes to the disciplines, Coach Pullela Gopichand doesn’t make any compromise. He believes that the acme of success can only be achieved with little sacrifices of the pleasures of life. Gopichand was that strict coach as he used to be when he trained bronze medalist Saina Nehwal and his theory is still the same.

Image Source: PTI
Image Source: PTI

Now that Sindhu has fantastically played and carved her name in the Indian history of sports as the first woman to win a silver in the Olympics, Gopichand has become a bit lenient towards her.

The strict teacher Gopichand didn’t allow Sindhu to use her cell phone for the past three months. She was also not allowed to have ice-creams and her favourite sweet curd.

Image Source: indianexpress
Image Source: indianexpress

“Sindhu did not have her phone during the last three months. The first thing is I would return her phone. The second thing, after coming here for last 12-13 days, I had deprived her from having sweet curd which she likes most. I also stopped her from eating ice-cream. Now she can eat whatever she wants,” – said an overjoyed coach to PTI after PV Sindhu bagged the silver.

With her “mission accomplished”, now Sindhu can enjoy her life like all other 21-year-old girls and WhatsApp her friends.

Gopichand has also praised her dedication and tremendous practice. He expressed how hard Sindhu had worked to achieve this feat.


“She has had a great last week. The kind of work she has put in in the last two months is tremendous. The kind of sacrifices she has made without complaining is fantastic. She deserved to enjoy the moment and that’s what I really wanted her to do. I’m very truly very happy.”

Being a responsible Coach, Gopichand has also advised Sindhu to focus on the silver that she has achieved, rather than being sad for missing the gold.

Image Source: Indian Express
Image Source: Indian Express

“I told her don’t think that you lost it. Remember that we have won a medal. I wanted to tell her this to ensure that she does not forget the last week’s effort that she put in to come to second place on the podium.”

He proudly added, “She has done us all proud by the kind of the effort she’s put in. From our side we are happy, I wanted her to enjoy the moment going into the podium. It’s important for me, more than her, that to forget that she lost the match and focus on the fact that she won the medal.”

Gopichand had only one complaint. He wished if the National Anthem of India had been played when his ward held the flag up.


“I just wish that our flag had gone one bit higher and our National anthem was played. But having said that, hats off to Sindhu for the kind of effort she’s put in,” he said.

Her Coach believes that Sindhu is quite young to achieve such a huge success. We just hope that she brings more such joy to us in the future.