This Dog Has Been Killed By A Vehicle After Waiting For Her Family For A Year!


A pet dog has been killed by running vehicle in Thailand where she was waiting for her owners to find her out. The three-year-old dog is believed to have fallen from the car of her owner on the highway that connects Bangkok and Cambodia.

For almost a year, she used to come back to the spot where she had fallen off. The locals were quite fond of her as she was a very polite dog and they also started feeding her. But none could move her from the spot as she firmly believed that her owner will come to take her home.


She was called Loung by the locals who stayed at the Ban Nong Khon village in Chanthaburi along the Sukhumvit road where she fell off. She became almost a celebrity due to her unflinching faith in her owner. People also tried to take her home and provide shelter but she refused to move from the spot.

But unfortunately, after waiting for a year, she has been killed by a vehicle which was running on the highway.


This dog’s story went viral on Facebook and a Thai TV channel has also posted a video footage of this pooch. She used to wait patiently staring at the cars that went by.

Here’s the link to the video. check this out