When Earthquake Hits, Keep Calm And Do These Five Things!


After the massive earthquake in Nepal, it has become quite an everyday thing. While newspapers are now busy reporting about the casualties in the recent Myanmar earthquake, we are here to offer you all a little help. We all follow our survival instinct when there is an earthquake.

We either run or go outside of the house to save our heads. But sometimes, out of panic, we take wrong steps which prove to be detrimental. So, if you have felt the tremors, here are the five to-dos you need to follow.

  1. Move Fast And Make Others Alert:

Well, earthquake makes us panic like hell. But, this is time for you to keep calm and keep moving faster. If you are the one to realize that the tremor that you felt isn’t your illusion but an earthquake, it is your job to make others alert too.

Image Source: Youtube
Image Source: Youtube
  1. Cover Your Head And Neck:

While there will be falling objects from the above, you need to cover your head immediately. Get under the table and wear a helmet.


  1. Turn Off Gas If You Are Cooking:

If you feel the tremors while cooking, don’t leave the flame burning. Fire is one of the most common hazards during an earthquake. Keep your cool and don’t forget to extinguish the flame and turn off the cylinder.

Image Source: gettyimages
Image Source: gettyimages
  1. Stay Inside If You Are At Home:

If you are at home during the earthquake, you shouldn’t rush outside. There have been incidents where people died of falling objects on their heads once they ran out of their homes. So, rather find a safe place like under the table.


  1. Drive Safe:

If you are in your car during an earthquake, don’t panic. It will act as a cover for your head. All you need is to avoid driving on the bridges as it might collapse during the tremor.

So, gear up and stay safe in an earthquake.