Ever Wondered Why Buttons On The Girls’ Shirts Are On The Left But For Men It’s The Opposite!


Have you ever noticed it? Yes, but don’t rush to check it before you read this piece of information! The button line is always on the left side of the women’s shirts while it is on the opposite side in men’s shirts. Why is it so?

Your brain might be making up various reasons. You might be thinking that it is something related to the left brain or right brain stuff! Are you? Nope, it is nothing like that.

Image Source: today
Image Source: today

The reason behind the button line of the women’s shirts being on the left side dates back to the olden eras when only affluent ladies could afford a shirt. And as we know, they all had their servants who helped them in wearing those clothes.

This is the only reason why the button line is on the left side in women’s shirts. Just because the shirts used to be buttoned up by the servants and not themselves! However, this has become the rule since then.

Image Source: gettyimages
Image Source: gettyimages

Now shirts are worn by women of all age and status but the button line has not changed its side.

On the other hand, men never took help from others to wear shirts because it is natural for them. Hence, you can see the buttons are always on the right side in men’s shirts!

Well, now go and check it!