The Fascinating Evolution Story Of The Most Scary Reptiles — Snakes


Watching a snake through any medium is an extremely frightening thought, even if its unreal.

The instant reaction will always be like, experiencing the worst nightmare of your life. Think about encountering a snake in open ground and it makes us feel the disgust, hyperventilation and horror, when it moves sideways and it appears that its coming to you, then the fear will show its true color in multi-versions, rather some people filled with curiosity and adventure prefer to visit their nests in order to study their natural behavior and venom.

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All the living organisms on our planet are competing with each other to ensure their survival, now, we are familiar with the sole fact of our world that life will always be pursued by death and at one point or another, this sprint will always come to an end. Thousands of species and breeds have gone extinct by the time, some of them have managed to survive the change of nature and disappeared in time, while others are still remaining in existence. Reptiles are the most fascinating, thrilling and terrifying creatures that our planet have ever showcased and snakes are the most successful breed ever lived. With intense crafting of the physical structures from tip to toe and developed senses, these creatures have shown utmost dedication to adapt themselves, according to the environment. Millions of species have been swallowed by the time during the age of reptiles, but they are still not in the mood to give up.

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The chain of life on solid ground, began its legacy through the oceans, when sea animals stepped out of the water and acquired vital body parts to move on ground, through years of physical transformations. But eventually, during the hunt, they need to sneak through deep pits and narrow holes to grab the prey. Their external body parts like feet and arms, become more annoying in order to make way into narrow holes. That’s the time, when these creatures realized their true potential and reached to ultimate makeovers with scales and scutes, and renovated themselves into deadly poisonous rope, which measured almost every tropical and sub-tropical areas of our planet, even deserts and mountains. Snakes have proved their strength in hunting the prey by paralyzing them with deadly venom. The black mamba is the worst among all other species due to its speed, offensive attitude, huge physical appearance and composition of Neurotoxin venoms, especially Dendro toxin. Snakes mostly have defensive behavior and don’t interfere in public places, but if mamba catches the sight of other animals and humans in their territory, then the moment will not be pleasurable. Mamba won’t stop until this 4 meter long, monstrous rope takes a bite on you, it becomes even more terrifying when they do it with the speed of 25 miles per hour. According to African villagers the name Black Mamba means the shadow of the death because of the ink-black color of his inside mouth.