What Your “Frequently Used” Emoticons On WhatsApp Say About You!


Some people love to type and express their feelings while chatting while some are too lazy to do that. And there comes the emoticon game! Are you a person who use emoji frequently while chatting? Then read what those “frequently used” set of emojis say about you.

  1. If this is your frequently used emojis, then you are not a “smiley” person because this is the default mode.


  2. Well, if the one below matches your set of frequently used emoji, then you are undoubtedly a lovely person. You have friends and you love them.


  3. Do you find these frequently used emojis familiar? Then you are a little disorganized in your life. Or perhaps, you just love to use random emojis just for fun. And you also have a friend like that!


  4. If this is your most used emojis, then you are the kind of person who loves to go out at least five nights a week.


  5. If this is what your “frequently used” looks like then you are that kind of student who likes to catch up with friends only after their studies and assignments are done.


  6. Does your frequently used emoji include feeding bottle, family, poop, bed and baby? Then you definitely have become a new parent.


  7. Those who mostly use food emoticons are either gourmets or just hungry all the time.


  8. Your frequently used emoticons clearly show how you are enjoying your vacation. Here is what you see.


  9. The set of most used emojis below show that you are a fitness freak. Exercise and dieting are the most important part of your life.


  10. Great! Your emojis have proved that you love to gossip. Because the fun of bitching is pouring out of your frequently used emojis.