Important Facts And Thoughts About Indian TV Serials


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India is considered as a Bee Hive of TV serials and shows and they have scattered like the honey bees, buzzing all the times, sometimes their bites are fierce enough that we don’t stand a chance and we can’t even put our hands in it. The queen is always guarding the “Hive” or “Television” for that we blame those broadcasting channels, Directors, makers and actors responsible for those unstoppable torturing episodes.

Most of them are unpleasant and irritating to both eyes and ears like Sas Bahu serials. What makes these TV shows so irritating? Since the days, when we stepped back from creation, diversion, concepts, storyline, we are doomed in our small screen entertainment sector. The only thing remains is profit and elevating TRP’s for shows that only a number of viewers care about. In short, entertainment is purely becomes a widely appreciated method of Business, nothing else. Even if some of our shows do become widely famous like Big Boss, Indian Idol, Fear Factor or India’s Got Talent, they still can’t be considered as a creative work, whether we all are familiar with this undeniable fact, that these shows have been inspired from other countries. But still some of our talented artists in Indian television are securing its future, who have dedicated themselves towards “originality” like Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain.             

India has the second largest population in the world, in the meantime, this difference will be vanished in a flash. So you can’t satisfy every viewer with just one concept or story. A fact which is being adopted by almost everyone where a little investment is all enough to start a new campaign, especially in a country where an agreeable amount of viewers will always hit your show. Such TV shows, play an important role in building a psychological and social belief systems over the society, but entertainment isn’t just about educating people, the moral values of life. Anything dissimilar or more accurate concept away from their regular shows seems like an extraterrestrial subject, peoples start reviewing it without even knowing the concept. Basically, Local TV serials don’t indulge in hiring musicians or writers, they just utilize existing musics, songs and concepts. Soon if any of these actors being noticed by superior artists, well the next thing will be highly imaginable. A little Indian touch on the entire concept and the concept is ready to be telecasted. By describing these facts, I wasn’t trying to de-moralize or abuse Indian TV shows, but most of them deserves to be illustrated in the same manner.