International Day Of Yoga: Include Yoga In Your Lifestyle And Enjoy These 10 Benefits!


21st June is marked as International Yoga Day to introduce and emphasize on the importance of Yoga. This is not just an ancient nonsense, the ample benefits of Yoga have been accepted by science and doctors also advise their patients to incorporate Yoga in their lifestyle. So, if you have not yet started, then this Yoga Day is the best opportunity for you to get started.

Yoga is a combination of Postures, Breathing technique and Meditation. Here are 10 awesome benefits of Yoga that will keep you motivated.

  1. Anxiety and Depression:

Yoga, especially meditation promotes mental health reducing the horrible symptoms of anxiety and depression. Research says that Yoga can increase the level of the happy hormones like Oxytocin and Endorphin. Even doing 20-30 minutes of Yoga every day can boost your mood. Yoga can also help those who have to look after scizophrenic patients 24×7.

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  1. Age Gracefully:

Although Yoga can’t make you immortal but it can slow down your aging process. By reducing stress and detoxifying your body, it can make you look and feel younger. Now even science has admitted that Yoga can really beat any anti-aging formula.

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  1. Back Pain:

Due to sedentary desk jobs, almost everybody goes through chronic back pains and the only solution to it is Yoga. It stretches the muscles and keeps them healthy and supple. Regular practice of Yoga has given fabulous results to those with chronic back pains and hence doctors also recommend it.

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  1. Arthritis:

Arthritis has become a very common problem and medicines can’t really do anything to help it. The only thing that can help is Yoga. A study has proved that Yoga can be really beneficial for patients with Arthritis and the effects last as long as nine months.

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  1. Weight Loss:

Yoga has also shown positive results for those who are trying to lose weight. Not only does it tone your muscles and bones but it also makes you aware of your choice of food.

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  1. Better Concentration and Memory:

Yoga, from the ancient times. is practiced to enhance memory and concentration. If you have a child, encourage them to do yoga with you.

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  1. Diabetes:

Diabetics who are too lazy to do heavy exercises might enjoy the immense benefits of Yoga. The breathing exercises, as well as some postures, have even proved to lower blood sugar level. “Physical activity improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control but yoga must be used only as an adjunctive treatment.” Said Dr. Anoop Misra.

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  1. Heart Disease:

Heart disease can hamper your life. But yoga can really alleviate heart disease to an extent if done alongside your medication. Starting from weight gain, blood pressure to harmful cholesterols, yoga treats all such issues that result in heart disease.

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  1. Insomnia:

If you have insomnia, you certainly realize the value of sound sleep. Insomnia not only destroys sleep, it affects your entire lifestyle. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress which is the sole reason behind insomnia. Sometimes back pain might also hinder your sleep which can be effectively treated with yoga.

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  1. Improves Overall Blood Circulation:

Just like any other exercise, yoga also improves blood circulation and helps the oxygenated blood reach your cells. It will rejuvenate you and help you stay healthy and glowing.

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