Your Kid Doesn’t Like Milk? 6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid It For The Better!


We have a common belief that milk is the best food for health. Moms literally force their kids to drink milk when they love to avoid it. Though milk has its own share of benefits, you can also find reasons for not drinking it. Milk is undoubtedly a great source of protein and calcium but everything has its pros and cons and so does this pearly beverage. Well, before you take a sip, just roll your eyes on these amazing benefits of not drinking milk!

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Milk Promotes Weight Gain

It might sound quite weird, but it’s true that the sugar content present in milk can charge up the insulin secretion and increase its level in your blood. When you are trying to shed those extra kilos, avoid milk to keep your insulin level normal.

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Better Digestion, Healthier Stomach:

For some people milk might be a great health drink, but for others it might be dangerous. Even doctors suggest to avoid milk when you have digestion problems and chronic acidity. The Lactose present in milk is not easy to digest and if your system is a little weak, then it is better not to have milk.

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Recover Iron Deficiency:

Milk is known to lower iron absorption of the body. Kids who have been drinking milk for a long time have suffered iron deficiency. Milk itself doesn’t contain any iron and hence it cannot even repair that.

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Stronger Bones, Less Fracture:

Well, that’s a myth-debunker! But the evidences are there to support this statement. According to the researchers in British Medical Journal, more cases of hip fracture are found in those who regularly drink milk.

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Low risk of Cancer:

Another study done in Sweden proves that milk hormones are responsible for cancer. Promoting growth hormones in your blood can increase your cell-division causing cancer.

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Get Rid Of Bloated Tummy:

Lactose in milk is not easy to breakdown. Your lactose intolerance might cause you bloating, says a study and Baylor College. So, lessen your milk intake and get rid of bloating.

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