Know These 10 Facts about Make-Up before You buy Cosmetics in This Festive Season!


The festive season is here! So girls are busy buying new clothes, matching accessories and never miss to purchase their favorite cosmetics. But do you know, since when women have been introduced to make-up?

Well, a long story! But here are few interesting facts that you must know before you jump out to grab those cosmetics.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor, the lady who played the role of the beautiful queen Cleopatra, had barred all the women on set from wearing red lipstick. She was the only one to wear it on the sets.

    image source: abcnews
    image source: abcnews
  2. Have you noticed the white face of the Geishas? Do you know what they use to make their face look white? Well, don’t be shocked! It is nightingale poop. It is also known to reduce wrinkles.ddw_850055
  3. Although the word cosmetics came from Greek, it was first used by the Egyptians.landscape-1431030063-elizabeth-taylor-cleopatra
  4. Women loved to make their skin look pale and for that, they used leeches which sucked their blood and made them look colorless.

    Image Source: intoday
    Image Source: intoday
  5. True that makeup is a girl thing but the top notch cosmetic company MAC wasn’t built by women. Two men named Frank founded the company.mac-to-launch-selena-makeup-collection
  6. In the 15th century, women were required to be hairless to prove their chastity and innocence. Women used to shave their heads, eyebrows as well as eyelashes.eyebrows-shaved
  7. In the earlier times, women used urine and crocodile fat to get rid of freckles. Now that the cosmetic and medical industries have developed, we can medically remove the freckles.
  8. Roman women used the drops of belladonna to make their pupils appear larger and more attractive. However, the poisonous effect of belladonna made this custom obsolete.


  9. Did you know, a large number of women went blind using mascara? Well, because they used coal tar on their eyes to make them look brighter.

    Image Source: adiosbarbie
    Image Source: adiosbarbie
  10. Men look longer at those women who wear lipstick, especially the red one. They are attracted to red lips.