Little Birdie Had A Problem Feet And Tiny Snowshoes Just Cured It!


What if a tiny little bird gets problem feet? How can you help it? Maybe, with a heart of compassion and a head full of creativity. Yes, this is what the folks in California Wildlife Centre have done for a tiny mockingbird.

According to them, this young bird had an injury which “caused her feet to knuckle.” Well, they said it is a common condition especially in birds which are young. It makes their feet unable to grasp objects and even makes it uncomfortable for them to freely walk around.


People at California Wildlife Centre had an easy solution for it. They just used cardboards and tape to make a pair of tiny snowshoes.

“We needed to train her feet back to how they should be,”-  as told by Duane Tom, the veterinarian at CWC to The Dodo. “Essentially, we used pieces of cardboard to tape her toes into their proper position. It usually takes a week or two of wearing the snowshoes before their feet are back to normal.”- He also added.


The Dodo reported that all the birds who are treated with knuckled feet are again released into the wild.