Lucas, Who Weighed 300 Pounds Surprised His Parents When He Finally Met Them After A Year!


In 2012, when Lucas was 25 years old, he weighed almost 300 pounds. He was overweight and undoubtedly addicted to junk foods. He abhorred exercise and never thought of losing his weight. But in that December, this boy just made up his mind and decided to work out and lose his weight.

Lucas Before Weight Loss

Image Source: littlethings
Image Source: littlethings

But there was one more thing he decided. He wanted to keep it a total secret from his father and his stepmom. But he documented his weight loss and the transformation on a Reddit weight loss forum.

You might be thinking how he managed to keep it a secret from his parents! But it was an easy trick for him as he used to meet his parents only twice a year, once during the summer and again in Christmas.

However, he wanted to give them a pleasant surprise. So he made an excuse not to see their parents during the summer.

In the meantime, he changed his diet and also started exercising every day. Lucas also kept an account of the food he was eating during his weight loss journey.

When he lost 100 pounds, he started walking for five miles regularly to work and at the end of the year his total weight loss was 130 pounds.

Lucas After Weight Loss

Image source: Little things
Image source: Little things

And at last the time came when he was about to reveal his new look. He was even doubtful that his father Jeff and his stepmom Susan would not be able to recognize him.

Lucas appeared on the staircase to surprise his parents. Jeff expressed his astonishment and said he was “over the moon” to see the transformation his son achieved. Susan said she was proud of Lucas.