Nargis Fakhri Was Asked To Pin Her Open Slit In Order To Be More Presentable For A “Family Show”!


We know how prudish the Indian censor board is. And Hypocritical too! Those who reproach the hot scenes are the ones who watch it secretly. They talk nasty about the nudity of women when in public but enjoy it, when alone.

Image Source: India Today
Image Source: India Today

However, now even the producers of television shows are there to judge and decide what women should wear at reality shows as they consider these as “family shows”.

Recently, Nargis Fakhri has fallen prey to such an incident where she felt utterly humiliated when she was told to “pin up” her slit just to be suitable for a show that was meant for everyone in the family. Nargis went to promote her upcoming film Banjo that is also starring Riteish at the dance reality show Dance Plus 2.


She was looking really hot in her teal blue gown which had a slit revealing her cleavage. Although she carried it with grace and elegance, the producers of the show demanded her to close the slit with a pin. When she was reluctant to do so, the director intervened and explained to her that Dance Plus 2 is a family show and they won’t allow such “brazen skin show”.


Finally, Nargis had to give in to the demand of the director and the producers and she pinned up the open slit to cover her cleavage.