You Should Never Say These 8 Things To A Woman!


Women are really complicated, aren’t they? You never seem to understand them. Sometimes they are so good to you and moments later you can’t really figure out what happened to their mood. Have you ever thought that minute things can affect your woman’s behavior? Yes, even if those words seem really innocent to you, but they might hurt the woman who loves you with all her heart. So, here is what you should never say to a woman.

1) Never Question Them About Their Eating Habits:

Yes, women have appetite too! And also believes that howsoever she eats, she will always remain light as a feather. So, when they cram their platter with food, never ask them whether they are really going to eat that all! Avoid talking about the food as women are pretty emotional about eating.

Image Source: youtube
Image Source: youtube

2) Don’t Bring The “EX” Topic:

Just like guys, women also feel possessive about their partner. So, never bring out the topic of your ex. And never ever draw any comparison between them like “my ex used to do this or that”. It evokes a feeling of insecurity and jealousy in women and they will think you are still pretty much into your ex.

3) Never Say “Never”:

Yes, words like “never” and “always” hurt the sentiment of women. Guys have a tendency to say “you never do that” or “you always do this” with an emphasis on the time which might lead your conversation into an argument. It also gives them the opportunity to prove you wrong. So be careful when using these words.

image source: Giphy
image source: Giphy

4) Do Not Ever Make The Mistake Of Calling Other Girls Hot:

It might seem really genuine when your girl will ask you “isn’t she hot?” looking at a picture of your female friend or colleague. But never make the mistake of saying yes. This is a question to test you and check their own security. Rather, when you come across such questions, try to find out some flaws in the other person and you will score some extra points.

Image Source: Giphy
Image Source: Giphy

5) Don’t Ask Them To Relax:

Even if you think they are acting out of control, never ask them to relax. Their reaction to the word “relax” or “chill” isn’t the same as yours. It makes them more outrageous. Rather, when they are angry or out of control show some compassion.

Image Source: Pandawhale
Image Source: Pandawhale

6) Asking Them About That Time Of The Month:

Well, she has the right to go out of control when she is having her period. But you should never ask whether it is that time of the month or not. She might behave weirdly and break down into tears for absolutely no reason. Support them and show pity, no matter how illogical they are. It will give you a higher stance!


7) Calling Them “Bitch” Might Just Get You Slapped:

You can playfully call them bitch and it’s okay as long as you are smiling. But call them that with a serious intent and you will be punished really hard. Yes, women hate this word.


8) Be Careful When Saying “I Love You”:

If you are just casually saying it, you might end up being slapped by a woman. Girls can sense when you mean it and when you don’t. So, always say “I love you” in the right mind and with the right thought.