Nothing Can Be A Better Teacher Than Life Itself – Know What Lessons You Should Learn from It!


On this teacher’s day we must pay tribute to the best teacher – life! Yes, life has taught us so many things so far. But still we have so many things to know as long as we live. Here are few lessons that life will teach you. Check these out!

  1. You Can’t Please Everyone:

You might think no one will like you if you don’t please everyone. But in fact, the reality is different. The more you try to please everyone around you, the more you come off as a failure. So, life will gradually teach you how to stop trying to please everyone but yourself.


  1. Getting What You Want Is Rare:

In childhood, our parents fulfill our demands and we grow with the feeling that we will get whatever we want. But in course of life, we learn and understand that it is not always true. While we are busy planning something, life has something else in its plan.

image source: Tumblr
image source: Tumblr
  1. You Are Not The Centre Of The Universe:

Yes, our parents treat us as their world but when reality hits us we come to know that everyone is not like our parents. We are not the most important thing in the world. Life teaches us to be humble and compassionate.

Image Source: quoteaddicts
Image Source: quoteaddicts
  1. It Is Not A Big Deal If You Don’t Know Something:

When we are young, we feel ashamed when we don’t know something. But as we grow up we understand that not knowing something is absolutely normal and we learn to accept ourselves more.

Image Source: imgur
Image Source: imgur
  1. Money Can Never Solve All Your Problems:

When we don’t have money, we feel if we had, then life would have been different. There would have been no more problems. But on the flip side, those who have money are facing so many problems. Hence, it is proved that money is not the ultimate solution to all problems.

image source: Giphy

Thanks to life for being a tough teacher and for making us what we are today.