Now It Is Time For Us To Check What Our Wrist Lines Say About Our Future!


Till now we knew about reading the palm lines known as Palmistry and there are millions of ways to predict the future of a person. Starting from studying the position of the planets at the time of birth to the total sum of the date we were born, everything is taken into consideration when someone tries to predict one’s future.

However, here is something that we didn’t know till now. It is reading the wrist lines. Yes, you must be staring at the lines along your wrists, right? Those are the ones which can tell you about yourself. Here is how!

Image Source: Goodyfeed
Image Source: Goodyfeed

To Begin With, Let’s Know What the Number Of Wrist Lines Mean:

Check how many lines you have around your wrist. The number of lines tell us about longevity. That means the more lines you have, the longer your life will be. Usually, people have three lines but if you have four, you might live till you are 100.

Image Source: tophealthnews
Image Source: tophealthnews

The Meaning Of The First Wrist Line:

Here is the meaning of the first line that’s closest to your palm. The line is associated with our health. If you have clean first wrist line, then it means you will not suffer from frequent health issues. You are hale and hearty. On the other hand, if the line is chained or broken, then it indicates that you will suffer from illnesses and life won’t be that smooth for you.

However, if you have a broken first line but a clean second line, then it means you will suffer from ailment in your early life but later it will be quite smooth.

Image Source: usefultipsforhome
Image Source: usefultipsforhome


Take Note If Your First Line Is Curved Towards The Palm:

If your first wrist line is curved towards the palm (you can see the picture below) then it means you will have obstacles in your life.

Especially for women, this indicates pain and suffering during the childbirth. If men have such line, then they might have prostate problems.

image source: palmistrymarriage
image source: palmistrymarriage

Let’s Come And Decode The Meaning Of Second Wrist Line:

Now let’s take a look at the second line that signifies our financial strength. If your second wrist line is clear and deep, you will have financial stability. It also means prosperity in your future.

But if it is broken, you will have to struggle with money and you might also face huge financial loss.


The Third Wrist Line And What It Really Has To Do With Our Future:

Particularly, the third wrist line deals with your overall personality. If it is nice, clean and deep, then you will be quite popular among your peers and everyone will seek your company. But if you have a thin broken second wrist line but a strong third line, then just pat your own back because you’re ahead of time.


Check Out The Meaning Of Fourth Wrist Line:

Generally, we don’t have a fourth wrist line. But fortunately, if you have one, then it means you will have a long life. To add to it, if your third line is strong and also you have a fourth line, then you will be a truly influential person like a public figure, a celebrity or a politician.


But What If There Is Just One Wrist Line:

Curious to know? Well, it indicates a sick health and a shorter life. You might also suffer from depression if you have only one wrist line.

Image Source: buzzle
Image Source: buzzle

So, what have you found out about yourself? Let us know in the comments below.