Patanjali’s Swadeshi Jeans Are Coming Soon! Can Baba Ramdev Beat The Foreign Brands?


Patanjali is really taking the market by storm with its super-reasonable and nice products and people are also buying them. To be precise, reviews about the products are good too. Starting from food and beverages to daily essentials and cosmetics, Baba Ramdev has brought a wide range of products that he claims to be completely natural.

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But what he is yet to bring in the market is Patanjali clothing line. However, Baba Ramdev has finally declared that he is going to bring Patanjali garments and also a “swadeshi” version of jeans. Surprised? By the end of this year or in the beginning of the next, we are going to get a new and a desi brand of jeans.


Baba Ramdev, as we know, is trying to establish our faith on the merchandises produced in our nation. So, he is focusing on “desi” materials to create products just to fight against the foreign companies.

“My fight is against foreign companies trying to take over our economy. There’s a great demand from the country’s youths for jeans, the reason why Patanjali has decided to launch ‘Indianised’ jeans to compete with foreign brands”,

– said Baba Ramdev.

He has already founded his factories outside of the country, mainly in Nepal and Bangladesh. Ramdev has also announced that, if Afghanistan and Pakistan permit him, then he also set up his units in these countries. Ramdev also said that he is going to set up his Patanjali unit in Nagpur on 40 Lakh Square Feet area which will be even bigger than the one they have in Haridwar.

“We’ve set up factories in Nepal and Bangladesh and are now approaching African nations. Profits earned would be used in those countries for development, and won’t be ploughed back to India,”

– said Ramdev.

Image Source: tehelka
Image Source: tehelka

The investment will amount to Rs. 1000 crore and it has the potential to create job opportunities for 10,000 – 15,000 people in Maharashtra. Patanjali is also gearing up for their units in Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir. Ramdev said that they will continue to produce quality products and also have R & D units where almost 200 scientists are associated.

Well, sounds like a huge plan. But are we really going to embrace jeans with a Patanjali tag? Let’s see!