The Most Pathetic Proposal To Prevent Suicide Attempts & Minimize Its Global Ratio – By Rakhi Sawant


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Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) organized a conference to reconsider the sufficiency of guidance and care methods for their TV artists in order to tackle poor performances and reduce depression. Sometimes these minor impressions turn into bizarre facts. That’s exactly what happened with a popular actress Pratyusha Bannerjee when she suffered an unfortunate death by hanging in her residence or an act of suicide. The controversy queen and Rashtriya Aam Party’s founder, Rakhi Sawant has proposed a pathetic idea of uninstalling all ceiling fans, a brainless attempt to further CINTAA’s initiative by removing the most universal method of suicide, No Fan No Hanging No Suicide. 

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Having a ceiling fan in her hand, she highlighted the root cause of Pratyusha’s suicide while interviewing in a media conference which was organized by her. She also appealed Narendra Modi to proscribe the use of ceiling fans and promote AC in homes. Prevention of ceiling fans is a matter of great discussion rather than chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” because maximum girls prefer hanging, than stabbing or poisoning or shooting themselves to escape the cruel realities of life, She added. Later, she insisted people to bring Table fan or AC instead. If people love their daughters, sisters or wives, they must remove this top head spinning shadow of death from their lives and deploy Table fan and AC. 

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