Sapna Bhavnani Is The Daring One To Tell The World What She Thinks Of Salman Khan


The celebrity hairstylist is a truly daring heart. While people in B-town never dare to open their mouth and tell the truth, she has opened up about Salman Khan and her entire Big Boss 6 experience. Sapna is going to launch her first book Chapter One and while talking about the book, she has talked about her own life, as well as about Salman Khan.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sapna boldly spat out what exactly she feels about Khan and she didn’t mince the words.

New Indian Express
New Indian Express

“(It was a) fuckall experience. You have a male chauvinistic fucking pig as a host of this fucking show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one of his stupid fuckall movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s Big Boss in a nutshell.”

Although she didn’t want to go to Big Boss 6 but she said,

“They had been after me for the longest time. I had just come back from Europe and they were harassing me like, “Please come on the show.”

So, Sapna asked her mom what she should do about this. And her mom replied,

“You know, Sapna, women like you would never be represented on Indian TV. It’s very important that you go on the show. You need to show the people of India that there are women like you in this country, women who have a voice, women who can’t be bought by money, women who can’t be bought by fame.”

She felt her mom was right and she went for the show.

Image Source: YouTube
Image Source: YouTube

After the infamous rape comment of Salman, Sapna boldly tweeted against it on her Twitter account and she was continuously harassed and trolled by the Bhai Chamchas.

“It’s insulting to have an Indian man talk like that on an international platform. I am embarrassed to call myself an Indian when statements like these go out worldwide. I was very vocal about it on Twitter, and everywhere. I got a lot of flak for it, but flak or stalkers and trollers should not be the reason why you should stop voicing the truth.

It’s (comments on Twitter) insane, if you read some of the crap that was written… you’d know. Before I started blocking them, I was reporting them to Twitter, my point is to get them off Twitter, but when twitter was also not taking necessary action, I had to block them, because I couldn’t let them affect my mental health. These guys are hired by the Khan and political parties… these people have zero followers, but everyday they come to slam you.”

Sapna has also been vocal about her gang rape when she was 24 and she has written about her horrible experiences in her upcoming book.

Image Source: bollywoodlife
Image Source: bollywoodlife

“I still don’t know, if I have the guts to talk about my rape, but I can start a new chapter one of my life once it (rape) is out of the system, so there will be a chapter on that too.”

Sapna has ensured that she hasn’t mentioned Salman Khan in her book.

“This man really misuses people and I don’t have to give him importance, especially in my book… I was warned that you shouldn’t talk about him like that because you could get killed, and I was like, “What!” I had heard rumours, but I have been channelling this ‘no fear’ thing for the past four years and I am not going to let a monkey scare me. I have been through a gang rape, I know what it feels like, I am a surviving member, there is nothing worse you can do to me really.”

Well, we know what place she holds when it comes to her career as a hair stylist. But we hope that she will just nail it as a writer as well.