Six Things You Are Doing Wrong In The Morning And You Should Know What’s The Right Way!


You definitely want to start your morning on a fresh note, don’t you? But do you know there are few things that you are doing completely wrong? Yes, you might think small things don’t make an impact but few mistakes made in the morning can just ruin your day. Here are the missteps you take and know what you should do instead.

  1. Taking Carbohydrates for Breakfast:

You might think that a high carb breakfast is filling but these burn faster and make you hungry much before your lunch hours. You crave for food and end up eating the wrong ones right before your mid-day meal. So, replace you high carb breakfast with protein-rich dishes and smoothies. Add nuts to your breakfast and you will have a better morning.


  1. Sleeping Less For Working Out:

Many of us tend to wake up without completing our sleep because we have the gym time set in the morning hours. But the truth is that howsoever you work out, if you don’t sleep properly, you will not be able to perform well. You will feel sleepy and tired at work. So, take some more time in bed.


  1. Checking Your Phone First Thing In The Morning:

Yes, we definitely do this mistake every morning. Our hands reach out to get the phone as we wake up in the morning. Then we keep scrolling and tapping it. Checking the phone right after opening your eyes hurts the delicate tissues. As a result, you feel a slight discomfort in your eyes throughout the day.


  1. Taking Hot Bath or Shower:

We tend to take a hot shower thinking that it will protect us from catching a cold. But in reality, it signals our nervous system that it is time for some relaxation. So, take a shower in cold water and you will feel more energized in the morning.

Image Source: PopSugar
Image Source: PopSugar
  1. Brush Before Breakfast:

Many of us believe that it is better to brush after breakfast. But if you take acidic fruits, juices or yogurt in your breakfast, then brushing right after your breakfast will damage your tooth enamel. Hence, make it a point to brush your teeth after breakfast.


  1. Not Letting The Lights Come In:

Do you put your lights off and the shutters down when you sleep? It prevents the natural lights from coming into your room. Keeping the room dark doesn’t help you while the natural light is necessary to charge up the body for the day ahead.

Young Woman Sleeping Blissfully