When She Surfed, The Volcano Erupted! Check Out The Mind Blowing Never-Seen-Before Pictures This Daring Heart Has Posted!


Surfing is fun but doing it in front of an erupting volcano? Well, you might think it as a suicide attempt. But Alison Teal defines it as her own adventure. Neither skydiving nor swimming with the sharks all around, what Alison did was far more courageous and can throw a challenge to any big time adventure lover.


Alison Teal who is also known as the “Female Indiana Jones” claimed to be the first woman who has surfed right next to a lava-spilling volcano. You can also see her in the pictures where she has been clicked while bravely riding the waves on a pink surfboard. Right next to her, you can notice the fierce explosion of Kilauea Volcano located in Hawaii.

Alison Teal 2

The wonderful shots of Alison’s “breathtaking experience” were taken by underwater photographer Perrin James.

In her Facebook post on August 4, Alison Teal wrote about her extraordinary feat and described her experience in detail. She wrote, “Today my dream came true. With the guidance, support, and prayer of the elders, and following cultural protocol, I paddled within feet of hot lava rivers pouring into the ocean. It was humbling and breathtaking. The rawness, the heat, the crackling & hissing sounds, the reality check that we live on a planet that is alive.”


Alison Teal 3

It might feel like straight out of some adventure book, but Alison herself doesn’t encourage anyone to attempt this. In her words, “the water is boiling, the fumes are lethal and the ocean conditions are beyond treacherous.”


Do you really think what she has done is just incredible? Do you like the pictures? Then check out the video she has posted on YouTube. Here’s the link below.

You can also check out her Facebook Page for more such adventure stories and pictures.