Virender Sehwag’s Witty Replies To Piers Morgan’s Challenge Have Taken Twitter By Storm!


Twitter has become a hot spot where celebrities share their opinions, feelings and sometimes their arguments are also exhibited through the heated exchange of comments. By now we have seen Virender Sehwag and his witty tweets. But recently his remarkable replies to the challenge thrown by England’s journalist Piers Morgan were just too good.


The discussion was on between Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag regarding India’s gold medal win in Olympics and England’s world cup win but it took a wrong turn when Morgan threw a “One million rupees” challenge to Sehwag. So, what was the challenge which did cost so much?


Piers Morgan challenged that before India wins a gold medal in Olympics, England will win a world cup. And the one who loses the challenge will donate 1 million rupees to charity.

But on the other hand, Sehwag didn’t spare him. His reply was something that will make us Indians proud of having such a smart cricketer in our team.

twitter 2

We all know that England had stolen the Kohinoor diamond from India and Sehwag has smartly hit the English journalist with his tweet. He said while India already owns 9 Olympic gold medals, England has no world cup in their bag.

After a while, Piers realized that he has already lost it, he just deleted the tweet and then again posted it with a different tone and a little change in the words.

twitter 3

He just changed his “an Olympic Gold Medal” to “another Olympic Gold Medal” after realizing that India already won it 9 times before.

Image Source: sportzwiki
Image Source: sportzwiki

Not only this time, Piers had also posted several tweets shaming India for not winning a single gold medal in this Rio Olympics and Sehwag his sharp sword in his words which just made him keep his mouth shut.

Carry on Sehwag, we are looking forward to your next witty tweets.