This Woman Has Made A Difference With 500 Plants Inside Her Apartment – And You’ll Love It!


Greenery is almost obsolete in our metro cities where skyscrapers have been replacing plants and playgrounds are turning into shopping malls. You can’t deny the fresh feeling when you walk in the park with trees all around, can you? Science has also proved that spending more time in nature can also cure depression.

plants 1

This is why, a student of environmental science from Brooklyn, Summer Rayne Oakes have grown an indoor garden or we must say a forest of her own in her apartment. Here are some of its amazing pictures.

plants 2

Each room in her apartment has a touch of green. She has grown different kinds of plants in her apartment and has planted each seed all by herself.

plants 10

Oakes even have a whole jungle in her closet. Isn’t it superb? You get the daily dose of fresh air without even stepping outside.

plants 4

Her red coloured bedroom wall finds a dash of green with the tendrils that comes down from the top.


In her bathroom, you will find tiny plants adorning every corner of it.

plants 5

She also has a vegetable garden in her 1,200 sq. ft. apartment which is just incredible. She has around 500 plants in her house.

plants 9

plants 6